State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe. A shared responsibility for democratic security in Europe. Report by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe

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Dokumentart: Report (Bericht)
Date: 2015
Language: English
Faculty: Kriminologisches Repository
Kriminologisches Repository
Department: Kriminologie
DDC Classifikation: 320 - Political science
340 - Law
Keywords: Demokratie , Menschenrecht , Europa
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This report assesses the degree to which Council of Europe members are delivering democratic security, broken down into its five pillars: efficient and independent judiciary; free media; vibrant, influential civil society; legitimate democratic institutions; and inclusive societies. The picture varies from country to country but, taking Europe as a whole, the gaps are significant. Within each pillar key shortcomings have been identified, along with actions to resolve them.

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