Eric Clapton

Author: Beck, Janine; Schaub, Oliver
Speaker: Beck, Janine
Schaub, Oliver
Presenter: Beck, Janine
Schaub, Oliver
Technik: Beck, Janine
Schaub, Oliver
Air Date: 2015-03-22
Length: 01:00:00
Programmplatz: Musik und Mehr
Guests, names, places: 70. Geburtstag Eric Clapton's (geb. 30.03.1945)
Archiv-Nr.: 2902
Theme: Portrait über den Musiker Eric Clapton.
Classification: Musik
Form: Stundensendung, komplett
Tracks: 1. Knock on wood 2. Crossroads 3. Someone like you 4. County jail blues 5. Lay down Sally 6. Promises 7. I can't stand it 8. Nobody knows you when you're down and out 9. Pilgrim 10. Key to the highway 11. Three little girls 12. Layla!
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