Choosing economics as elective subject – How do students with the subject economics differ from others?

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Dokumentart: MasterThesis
Date: 2023-11-30
Language: English
Other Keywords: Wirtschaftslehre , Gymnasien , Baden-Württemberg
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Rapid economic development in the last decades has increased requirements for citizens to participate in a complex economic environment. Due to globalized markets, structural transformation and not least crises like the financial crisis in 2008 or the global energy crisis in 2022, economic education becomes more and more relevant to make decisions in everyday life. In the last decades, economic education in the German high-tier school track “Gymnasium” has been limited to an integrated concept, with economic contents being implemented in curricula of adjacent subjects like social sciences (Brückner et al., 2015; Kaiser et al., 2020; Oberrauch & Kaiser, 2020). Recently, the German federal state Baden-Württemberg passed a curriculum reform introducing economics as a standalone subject in all general education schools. This development makes the investigation of economic education and economics students in secondary education increasingly relevant. This thesis is structured as follows: First, a theoretical framework is given, providing background information about economic education in Germany and relevant literature. After that, framework conditions of German secondary education and concrete curricular settings are explained. It follows information on the sample and research design. Afterwards, the regression results are presented, followed by a discussion of the findings. In the end, I will draw a final conclusion.

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