The contribution of education and learning for older adults’ well-being: Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the ESREA network “Research on Education and Learning of Older Adults”

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Dokumentart: ConferenceObject
Date: 2020-04-06
Language: English
Faculty: 6 Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Department: Erziehungswissenschaft
DDC Classifikation: 370 - Education
Keywords: Wohlbefinden , Alter , Lernen , Erwachsenenbildung
Other Keywords: Bildungserträge
older age
Adult education
ISBN: 978-989-8859-61-7
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This e-book contains full length papers of contributions presented at the 9th Conference of the ESREA network “Research on education and learning of older adults” held in the University of the Algarve between 11 and 13th of October, 2018. Given the growing importance of well-being for reserchers, policy makers, social worker and adult educators, namely in old age, the organization selected the following theme for the 2018 conference: “The contributions of education and learning for older adults’ well-being”. Participants were invited to submit proposals on one of four topics: (1) theoretical approaches on older adults’ well-being, quality of life and related concepts; (2) well-being and policy/social policy; (3) analysing the older adults’ well-being, in all its dimensions and through different methodological approaches; and, (4) educational and learning experiences: contributions to the well-being of older adults.

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