Multiple forest attributes underpin the supply of multiple ecosystem services

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Show simple item record Oelmann, Yvonne Sorkau, Elisabeth 2019-06-12T14:04:08Z 2019-06-12T14:04:08Z 2018
dc.identifier.issn 2041-1723
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dc.publisher Nature Publishing Group de_DE
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dc.title Multiple forest attributes underpin the supply of multiple ecosystem services de_DE
dc.type Artikel de_DE 20190321153956_00422
utue.personen.roh Felipe-Lucia, Maria R.
utue.personen.roh Soliveres, Santiago
utue.personen.roh Penone, Caterina
utue.personen.roh Manning, Peter
utue.personen.roh van der Plas, Fons
utue.personen.roh Boch, Steffen
utue.personen.roh Prati, Daniel
utue.personen.roh Ammer, Christian
utue.personen.roh Schall, Peter
utue.personen.roh Gossner, Martin M.
utue.personen.roh Bauhus, Juergen
utue.personen.roh Buscot, Francois
utue.personen.roh Blaser, Stefan
utue.personen.roh Bluethgen, Nico
utue.personen.roh de Frutos, Angel
utue.personen.roh Ehbrecht, Martin
utue.personen.roh Frank, Kevin
utue.personen.roh Goldmann, Kezia
utue.personen.roh Haensel, Falk
utue.personen.roh Jung, Kirsten
utue.personen.roh Kahl, Tiemo
utue.personen.roh Nauss, Thomas
utue.personen.roh Oelmann, Yvonne
utue.personen.roh Pena, Rodica
utue.personen.roh Polle, Andrea
utue.personen.roh Renner, Swen
utue.personen.roh Schloter, Michael
utue.personen.roh Schoening, Ingo
utue.personen.roh Schrumpf, Marion
utue.personen.roh Schulze, Ernst-Detlef
utue.personen.roh Solly, Emily
utue.personen.roh Sorkau, Elisabeth
utue.personen.roh Stempfhuber, Barbara
utue.personen.roh Tschapka, Marco
utue.personen.roh Weisser, Wolfgang W.
utue.personen.roh Wubet, Tesfaye
utue.personen.roh Fischer, Markus
utue.personen.roh Allan, Eric
dcterms.isPartOf.ZSTitelID Nature Communications de_DE
dcterms.isPartOf.ZS-Issue Article 4839 de_DE
dcterms.isPartOf.ZS-Volume 9 de_DE
utue.fakultaet 07 Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

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