Europol–EMCDDA Joint Report on a new psychoactive substance: 1-benzylpiperazine (BZP)

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Dokumentart: Report (Bericht)
Date: 2007
Language: English
Faculty: Kriminologisches Repository
Department: Kriminologie
DDC Classifikation: 360 - Social problems and services; associations
Keywords: Droge , Drogenmissbrauch , Europäische Union
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In December 2006, after examining the available information collected on BZP (1-benzylpiperazine), the EMCDDA and Europol decided to launch a procedure for the production of a Joint Report. Pursuant to the findings of this report, the Council of the EU formally requested a risk assessment of the substance, which was submitted to control measures and criminal penalties throughout the European Union in March 2008.

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