Crime prevention activities at the EU, national and local level

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Dokumentart: Report (Bericht)
Date: 2013-10
Source: EUCPN Thematic Paper Series ; (2013) 4
Language: English
Faculty: Kriminologisches Repository
Department: Kriminologie
DDC Classifikation: 360 - Social problems and services; associations
Keywords: Europa , Kriminalprävention
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The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) was set up on 30 November 2009 by Council Decision 2009/902/JHA repealing the establishing Council Decision 2001/427/JHA. The Network grew in the EU policy context on Member States’ initiatives. The Network consists of a Board, with a rotating Chair, an Executive Committee and the National Representatives from all Member States with their Substitutes if appointed; a permanent Secretariat as well as National Contact Points appointed by each Member State. The EUCPN Secretariat is hosted by Belgium in the project ‘Towards a European Centre of Expertise on Crime Prevention’ financially supported by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Commission – Directorate-General Home Affairs. In line with the Council Decision, a Multiannual Strategy sets out the longterm orientations for the Network. The EUCPN’s vision is to be a primary source of crime prevention within the EU. Therefore, the Network contributes to developing the various aspects of crime prevention at the European Union level, taking into account the European Union crime preventive strategy, and supports crime prevention activities and good practices at the national and local level. The EUCPN Best Practice Conference and the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) are just two of the prestigious and highquality activities the EUCPN organizes annually, and which offer a platform for policymakers and practitioners to meet each other and share experiences. Through internal and external evaluations of the Network, which are scheduled on a regular basis, feedback on the functioning of the EUCPN is provided and recommendations are formulated to further professionalize and improve its performance. These will support the Network in carrying out its long-term mission and turn it into an important reference when it comes to crime prevention in Europe.

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