Proceedings of TripleA 3

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Proceedings of TripleA 3


The TripleA workshop series was founded in 2013 by researchers from Tübingen and Potsdam. TripleA aims at providing a forum for semanticists doing fieldwork on understudied languages. Its focus is on languages from Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, complementing the SULA conference with its focus on languages of the Americas. TripleA 3 took place from July 6-8, 2016 in Tübingen. For more information about the TripleA series and past and future workshops, contact the steering committee here or visit our website here.

For their reviews, the editors would like to thank Nadine Bade, Rebekah Baglini, Leora Bar-el, Rajesh Bhatt, Walter Bisang, Jonathan D. Bobaljik, Ryan Bochnak, Heather Burnett, Seth Cable, Veneeta Dayal, Michael Erlewine, Remus Gergel, Mira Grubic, Daniel Hole, Magdalena Kaufmann, Luisa Martí, Dejan Matić, Paula Ménendez-Benito, Anne Mucha, Sarah Murray, Pritty Patel-Grosz, Hazel Pearson, Doris Penka, Kilu von Prince, Radek Simik, Wolfgang Sternefeld, Judith Tonhauser, Hedde Zeijlstra, and Sarah Zobel. Thank you very much also to the invited speakers, Sigrid Beck, Chris Davis, Veneeta Dayal, Letuimanu'asina Emma Kruse Va'ai, and Jenneke van der Wal, as well as to those participants who did not submit to the proceedings volume, Diti Bhadra, Ryan Bochnak, Peter Klecha, and Gujing Lin. We would also like to thank the extended local organizing committee, Polina Berezovskaya, Julia Braun, Sarah Bußmann, Julia Chant, Şehriban Erbektaş, Amrah Gadziev, Sonja Haas-Gruber, Vera Hohaus, Anna Howell, Mai Mayed, Wanda Rothe, Konstantin Sachs, Işıl Senel, Cosima Schneider, Alina Schumm, Beate Starke, and Alexander Wimmer.

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