Intolerance, Predjudice and Discrimination. A European Report

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Dokumentart: Book
Date: 2011
Language: English
Faculty: Kriminologische Dokumentation
Department: Kriminologie
Keywords: Europa , Rechtsradikalismus , Diskriminierung
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ISBN: 978-3-86872-653-4
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This report is the very first to supply comprehensive and comparable data about the extent of prejudice and discrimination against the main target groups in eight selected European countries. This representative data, based on the findings of a research project on group-focused enmity in Europe (GFE Europe) initiated by the University of Bielefeld, allows us to analyse the differences between countries and discover what they have in common. The objective of this publication is to make the findings and data available to the international research community in an accessible and manageable form, and above all to stimulate social and political discussion. Accordingly, the focus is on advancing the political discussion about prejudice and discrimination rather than on the complexities of theory. If Europe wishes to know whether prejudices, stereotypes and discriminatory mentalities in individual member states are endangering or even corroding democracy then the findings of the present publication supply an alarming wake-up call. We hope that our data and analyses will invigorate the European discussion and supply empirical evidence that has hitherto been sorely lacking.

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