Restorative Justice at post-sentencing level in Europe

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Dokumentart: Buch (Monographie)
Date: 2015
Source: Schriftenreihe Soziale Strafrechtspflege ; (2015) 3
Language: English
Faculty: Kriminologische Dokumentation
Department: Kriminologie
DDC Classifikation: 360 - Social problems and services; associations
Keywords: Europa , Täter-Opfer-Ausgleich , Wiedergutmachung , Opferentschädigung , Sammelband
Other Keywords:
Restorative Justice
Project report
ISBN: 978-3-00-048375-2
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“Restorative Justice at Post Sentencing level; Supporting and Protecting Victims” was an EU funded project in the years 2013 and 2014. 21 government- and nongovernment organizations from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK took part in this project. The first part of this book contains a review of the most relevant literature for this project. The second part deals with theoretical perspectives. Part three of this book informs about the four pilot projects which have been carried out in the partner countries of the project: UK, Germany, Croatia and Portugal. The fourth part consists of a case study from Belgium. The final part concludes the project and is written by the project coordinator Jo Tein together with Johannes Sandmann of SH Ministry of Justice and Marc Cerón, from the European Organisation for Probation (CEP).

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