Mnemonic Criticism and Renaissance Literature : a Manifesto

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Dokumentart: (wissenschaftlicher) Artikel
Date: 1991
Source: Connotations ; 00101,012
Language: English
Faculty: 5 Philosophische Fakultät
Department: Anglistik, Amerikanistik
DDC Classifikation: 820 - English and Old English literatures
Keywords: Renaissance , Erinnerung <Motiv> , Mnemonic
Other Keywords:
Memory , Art
ISBN: 0939-5482
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In the essay it is suggested that it is in the interest of Renaissance scholarship to recover some of the assumptions underlying an on-going tradition involving mnemonic thought and practice. The manifesto aims to convince readers that the fluid movement of emblematic conceits and mnemonic devices between the realm of the purely symbolic and the material world deserves further scholarly attention and analysis.

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