Research Data Publication using InvenioRDM

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dc.description.abstract At the end of the research data management life cycle, data should be published and open for re-use. While there are several discipline-specific repositories, there is the need for generic data publication platforms as well. To reduce the burden of maintaining several generic repositories, BioDATEN implemented InvenioRDM which allows for several communities with specific guidelines and curation workflows. Within a community, data stewards can review data submitted for publication and approve or reject them. Thus, a quality control mechanism is in place. InvenioRDM provides a DataCite integration that allows for DOI registration which in turn makes data as citeable as journal publications. This is also a step towards FAIR research data. The slides provide details about InvenioRMD, the implementation, and organisational challenges.
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dc.title Research Data Publication using InvenioRDM de_DE
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