Sequent Calculi and Bidirectional Natural Deduction: On the Proper Basis of Proof-theoretic Semantics

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Dokumentart: Aufsatz
Date: 2009
Source: The Logica Yearbook 2008, ed. by Michal Peliš. London: College Publiations 2009, pp. 237-251
Language: English
Faculty: 7 Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Department: Informatik
DDC Classifikation: 004 - Data processing and computer science
100 - Philosophy
Keywords: Logik , Beweistheorie
Other Keywords: Beweistheoretische Semantik
Natürliches Schließen
Proof Theory
Proof-theoretic Semantics
Natural Deduction
ISBN: 978-1-904987-46-8
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It is argued that the sequent calculus is more appropriate to model hypothetical reasoning than the calculus of natural deduction. Here "sequent calculus" is understood in a very general way which includes what might be called a "natural-deduction-style sequent calculus", that is, a natural deduction system with bidirectional rules.

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