Visualization of Four-Dimensional Spacetimes

Visualization of the Warp Drive

warp driveThis video visualizes a spaceship equipped with a warp drive according to Alcubierre, cf. Sect. 9.4 of the thesis. The warp drive constructs a warp bubble which separates two flat parts of spacetime. The warp bubble is able to move faster than the speed of light as measured in an outside flat region of spacetime. A spaceship which is at rest inside the warp bubble would then travel faster than the speed of light.

The visual appearance of the spaceship and the background objects is calculated by using general relativistic ray tracing. In this video, the spaceship travels in front of the earth and moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, at velocities of 0.8c, 1.5c, or 2.5c. The light deflection at the warp bubble causes astonishing visual distortions on these background objects.

The visualizations of this video were also shown at the exhibition Seven Hills.

Length: 1:07 min