Visualization of Four-Dimensional Spacetimes

Image-Based Special Relativistic Rendering

image-based renderingThis video presents examples of image-based special relativistic visualization, cf. Sect. 5.5 in the thesis. Here, only the relativistic effects on apparent geometry are taken into account.

The first part of the video shows a relativistic trip across the Deutzer bridge in Cologne. This movie was produced with the use of Off-Terdingen. The recordings of three cameras were stitched together to form the final movie. The film was shown on TV as part of a broadcast on Einstein and special relativity (Quarks & Co., WDR, broadcast on 9.11.1999). The first sequence shows the non-relativistic situation. The second sequence presents the relativistic case. The observer accelerates from non-relativistic speed to a maximal velocity of ß=0.9. The black stripes at the top and bottom sides are caused by missing data in the original recording. In the third sequence, the relativistic and the non-relativistic views are compared.

The second part of the video illustrates the interactive relativistic panorama viewer Imagine. It was recorded from computer screen during a simulation on an SGI Onyx2 with InfiniteReality graphics board. First, the non-relativistic viewer is shown. Then, the velocity is increased and snapshots of a relativistic flight can be seen. Finally, the camera leaves its physically correct position and an outside view onto the virtual sphere surrounding the observer is adopted.

Length: 2:31 min